Kira Exchange is a next-generation hyperscale decentralized exchange (DEX) engineered for cross-chain transfer and frictionless trading. 

We aim delivery the all liquidity, performance and trading sophistication of a centralized exchange without the custody, downtime and fraud risk.  Trade in a trustless manner.  

Non Custodial Trading

Complete ownership over your funds. Kira Exchange has no custody over your funds. Your money is under your control.

Liquidity Pool

Migrate stake assets to the Kira ecosystem to earn block rewards whilst deepening the liquidity pool and improving trading experience.

No KYC required

Kira has no reliance on centralized server hosting. Trading is verified over the blockchain, thus Kira exists beyond centralized entities.

Multi Bonded Proof of Stake

Stake different forms of assets from the internet of blockchains. Kira exchange enables a secondary market for trading staked and unstaked assets. 

About us

Kira is a hyperscale decentralized exchange that enables trustless cross-chain token transfers and trading. Thanks to dual consensus mechanisms of Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake (MBPoS) that provides security and Multi-Bonded Proof of Authority (MBPoA) that delivers speed, users can trade in trustless manner whilst maintaining a user experience that matches or exceeds that of centralized exchanges.

Connections to Internet of Blockchain (IoB) networks such as CosmosPolkadot and bridges to foreign public and private ledgers enable Kira users access to a variety of markets previously unreachable in a decentralized manner. Behind the scenes, the Tendermint consensus engine provides fast finality of trades, enabling liquidity providers to reduce risk, tighten spreads and deepen order books.

Stakeholders and operators manage, govern and benefit from all aspects of exchange operations in a fully decentralized fashion, without any privileged participants deriving excessive power or tribute. Efficient operations and ongoing open-source development is incentivised via a novel economic model consisting of multiple self-sustaining positive feedback loops. Kira aims to offer the emerging Proof of Stake (PoS) ecosystem a number of fundamental advances in decentralisation that, taken together, will help ensure the future security of all interconnected PoS by delivering uncensorable and unstoppable market access.

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Milana Valmont

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mateusz Grzelak

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ethan Frey

Head of Engineering

Niki Wiles


Jorge Rodriguez

Security Advisor

Lawrence Stoican

Social Media Manager

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